The 7 year schedule

Climbing the 7-Summits in 7 years requires.. well, a 7 year schedule!

Without even knowing this myself, this schedule started in October 2016. After the summit on Mount Elbrus, my climbing future started as did this project.

Until now, 416 people have climbed all 7-Summits. The 7-Summits are climbed by 10 climbers from the Netherlands, starting with Ronald Naar, back in 1983. However, until now, no Dutchman has climbed all 7-Summits in 7 years!

Below is the 7 year schedule of my 7-Summits plan, including planned dates to climb them (if I not already did!).

Mount Elbrus 5642M Caucasus, Europe/Russia Done, North face. October 2016 Summit on Elbrus!
Denali  6190M Alaska, North America  Attempt 1:

May 2017 Failed!

Attempt 2:

Done, May 2018

Aconcagua  6962M  Argentine, South America  February 2019

Done via the Polish Direct route, Feb 2019

Mount Vinson 4892M Antarctica 2020 Mount Vinsion
Mount Everest 8848M Nepal/Tibet, Asia 2021 Mount Everest
Puncak Jaya

(Carstensz Pyramid)

4884M Indonesia,  Oceania 2022 Puncak Jaya
Mount Kilimanjaro 5895M  Tanzania, Africa 2022 Mount Kilimanjaro