Aconcagua season kicking in!

Let’s get ready for some climbing again. The Aconcagua seasons starts officialy in December, but I need to way for February 2019 for my start. Do I feel ready? Yes! Nervous? A little maybe. Feeling like wanting to start tomorrow? Yes, let’s rock and roll!

Transition from Denali

The first thing I needed after Denali was time to recover and rest. Step away from the everyday trainingroutine and take time time to sit back and relaxed. Unfortunately, I am not to good at that, and it only took two weeks before I started picking up some training again. First just some relaxing bike rides of running, but they started to get more serious and serious.

Good times at Denali

So it did not take long before I decided to get back to a structured way of training. I started a running program that would lead up to a full marathon. Ambitious, but that is what I like. Training was well and I registered for a half marathon on 30 September (Halve van Haarlem). 

Let’s do that half marathon!

The days before the half marathon I felt awesome, but a little insecure. It would be my first half marathon, and I was wondering how much time I would need. Racing day itself was just another great day; sunny, not to much wind and just about 20 degrees celcius. Awesome! I started just about in the middle of the field and I felt great. The first part of the race I spend a lot of energy on overtaking other runners, and sometimes needed to jump on anf off sidewalks. The second part of the half marathon was much better and I was at full speed. It took me just a little over 1:35 to finish the race. Very satisfied and knowing that a sub 1:30 is definitely possible with some more racing experience.

Finishing the Halve van Haarlem

Focus on Aconcagua

However, now it is time to fully focus on the upcoming climb; Aconcagua! Almost everything is in place. Expedition and plane tickets are arranged, and I just need to take care of some final details.

The first early trip reports are already on Facebook, but so far the weather has been realy bad. Summiting has barely been possible so far. But, let the weather be bad now, so it will be good when I start climbing!

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