Aconcagua; almost there!

Time has come to climb again, and it’s about to happen! Yesterday I had a long day of traveling and switching planes. But, in the end, this all resulted in being here, in Mendoza, Argentine. And as you probably know, Mendoza is the place to be if you want to climb Aconcagua.

How I will ascent

Aconcagua offers multiple routes where, of course, the normal route is most used. This is a non-technical route that offers little challenges other than the altitude. And that should definitely not be underestimated. Aconcagua is almost 7000 meters high which still makes this a serious climb.

As said before, I will attempt to climb Aconcagua via the Polish Direct Route. This route is much steeper and offers a lot more challenges than the normal route or the standard traverse.


Until now, all my preparations were always going as planned. For Denali, I discussed them quite extensively on my blog. Since this was working really well for me, I planned to continue like this. Roughly 5 runs a week and one or two strength training to keep my core strong. However, this autumn I had some serious injuries on my feet and lower legs. So I had to take more recovery time than I planned for, and missed some of the exercises I wanted to do. So, am I as well trained as I was for Denali? I don’t think so. Am I fit enough to summit Aconcagua? Yes! I do feel ready and are committed to summit. Maybe I will suffer a little more, but that will persevere!


More good news! As you may know, I am a Mountainreporter, and that got me a nice sponsorship for Denali. While Nigor is no longer with us, we were able to get a far better one. If you take a close look at the clothes I am wearing om my climbs, you’ll notice that it’s most of the time from the same brand; Haglofs. After my Denali video report, they must have noticed that as well and decided to support me on my Aconcagua expedition. How cool is it when your favorite outdoor brand is sponsoring you!!

But there is more. If you think of excellent down jackets, chances are you are thinking of Rab. Well, apparently they also thought of me, since I will be testing and reviewing one of their jackets as well!

Now it’s really time to climb

That’s all for now! I will be on Aconcagua for the upcoming days and will not have access to my laptop, or have an internet connection. I will be back with a trip report, both in text and video. Hold on!

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