The line

There is a thin line between pleasure and pain. This line is the way to the moments you feel you truly live your life


Pleasure and pain

To get to recognize your thin line, you need to get to know both sides; pleasure and pain. Mountaineering offers a unique combination of both. Pleasure comes with the splendid views and ecstatic feeling when summiting. Pain comes with lack of oxygen, lack of luxury, etc.

Find it!

Have you found your thin line? I will find mine! Maybe while climbing the 7-Summits, maybe at some other place. Join my journey and let me inspire you to find yours!


My Denali schedule

It’s just another couple of days before departure! I’m putting the last things together, but generally speaking I’m ready to go. You might be wondering what’s going to happen while I’m gone. Well, here’s my Denali schedule! I’ll keep it brief, which perfectly reflects my days; lots of walking, not much to say about that. My …