Are you inspired by my stories, or want to help me chasing my dream? Great! Any kind of help is always much appreciated. But, I do have one condition… I want to be able to return the favor!

So what can I do for you?

Enjoining the camp on Denali

  • Of course, I have tons of beautiful pictures of mountain landscapes and climbing. It’s possible to make some new pictures with your logo or banner on it. At the summit if you want to. But you can also use existing ones for your inspiring advertising campaign;
  • It doesn’t have to stop with just pictures. During my climb, I am able to shoot some high-quality movies. Can it get any better if you can hear the wind blowing, the snow crunching and me heavily breathing while suffering, but still tell an inspiring story? Want real-time updates from the mountain? That’s possible too!
  • I am a professional trainer are have excellent presentation skills. A day in the mountains is never a boring one. I have some great stories, learned some very important lessons in life on the mountains. But, above all, I am able to inspire people with enthusiasm and my never-ending commitment. I speak fluently English and of course Dutch!
  • I know a thing or two about training, focusing, food and mental toughness. And I am able to translate mountaineering techniques to business skills. Using this I am able to help you reach your goals, both professional and private;
  • I have excellent writing skills. For example, I write regularly for mountainreporters.com. I can write articles for your magazine or columns in your newsletter for example;
  • I am very keen on the gear I use. Of all things that could happen while climbing, gear failure may not be one of them. Therefore I only use gear I like and trust. Maybe I can test some of yours and write an honest review about it.

Want to just help? Cool! Gifts are always welcome on the following bankaccount


Want to support from from a bussiness acount? Contact me, as I can help you in a tax-friendly way with this!

Nigor sponsored me with a tent on Denali
Haglofs sponsored me with clothing on Aconcagua
RAB sponsored me with a down jacket on Aconcagua
I am a reporter for mountainreporters.com

Still not convinced? I’m sure there is much more we can think of. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile. Feel free to contact me!