Prepping for Denali: 3 months to go

Part four of my monthly countdown for Denali. I must admit, it’s getting harder to look back. Last week I was really surprised it’s less than two months before departure. I feel things are getting serious now. But still… what did I do last month in prepping for Denali?

Physical preparation

First some sad news.. The Be Your Best program has ended. Two months of an intensive program on Boot Camp helped me make a serious step forward. I’m a cyclist for over 25 years now, making my legs pretty strong. But thanks to the Boot Camp program I became much more of a multi sporter. My core stability increased dramatically, making me overall much stronger. I lost over 5kg of fat (which is pretty much for me!), but a did not loss any weight.  Thus, extra muscle power!

The Boot Camp program had barely ended, before I left for a week. the Hiking  Eifelsteig was good and great preparation. I already wrote quite extensive about that week!

And I would almost forget… I had another great two day hike on the Twentepad. This surely has been one of the most beautiful hikes I have done so far in the Netherlands!

Longs stairs in Utrecht. Excellent for preparation!Again, I have made some slight adjustments to my weekly training program. I’m still going Boot Camping once a week, just to keep my current level of strength. New on the program is a 2 hour+ hike with a 30kg packpack with stairs. Living in the Netherlands, without any hills or mountains, force you the be creative sometimes.


Not too much news here. Most stuff in ready to go. Still some small additions.

Haglofs Activity Top Haglofs Activities top. Actually, this is my second one. I love Haglofs because it just fits great. I love Merino, because it keeps me dry and warm.
Haglofs Activity Pants Haglofs Activities pants. I own some 10 years old Craft base layer pants. While walking the Twentepad, I decided I just don’t like the way they fit. So, time for replacement!

The expedition

Nothing new here! One thing left to do; booking a hotel in Anchorage. But plenty of time for that!

And now forward!

Yes! Let’s look forward! Spring is coming! I feel I want to get outside more and more; hike, cycle, etc. But, lets keep that for the next episode of prepping for Denali!

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