Don’t be sponsored, influence!


Trying to find sponsors for your sport, dream or challenge? Not easy! After all, who wants to pay for your dream, which happens to be on some high, remote, extremely cold mountain?

Well, to be honest? I think lots of organizations do, but it’s not easy. And before I raise any expectation, I haven’t found one yet either. But, I did look into the subject and have tried one or two things. So I do think I

have some experience.

Before getting to the point, let’s have a short look at how most mountaineers get sponsors.

Two traditional options

Black desert on Iceland

Most mountaineers focus on good, and of course bad, things they l

earn from mountaineering. They translate their experiences towards everyday situations and use this to bring some important message to their sponsors. Most of you know this as a motivational speech. Add some impressive climbing photo’s and all elements of a great presentation are there.

To sell this well, you need to be a good speaker. And it really helps if something really bad happens during the climb. Lose a limb or two or barely survive. The more goes wrong, the better the story, the more people love to listen to it!

Your second option is to commit to a charity.  For me, the  most successful example of this is Alan Arnette. He committed himself to raising money for research on Alzheimer’s disease. His link to the disease is strong since his mom died of it. So Committing to a charity requires a strong belief in the goal the charity organization is aiming at. You can connect your name to the organization, and will (hopefully) be able to raise money and find a way to get enough funds for your personal goals.

Don’t be sponsored, influence!

Social media offers some great features, and I probably don’t have to tell you social media is huge. Anyone can tell anything about whatever you want. And if you do it the right way, people start listening and your opinion gets valued more and more. After all, you, as a mountaineer know best what the right stuff to use for mountaineering.

This is where comes to play. The people of Endrse offer an excellent platform  to bring together skilled people and organizations that need your network and opinion. They are constantly looking for organizations that benefit from good reviews on gear, clothes, support, etc. All you need to do is tell what you think about their product to as many people as possible. And the easiest way to do that is… social media!

So make sure as many people as possible like, follow or read everything you publish on social media. Register at and chances are they will help you to get in touch with the right organizations!

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