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It has been way to long since my last update! But this definitely does not mean nothing happened, on the contrary! The good news is that I teamed up with is a Dutch website on hiking, climbing and traveling in the mountains all over the world. They asked me to post blogs every week about my expedition plans, preparation, and other 7-Summits related subjects.  For me, this is a fantastic way to get more hits on the blogs I write. The bad news? The website is only in Dutch, making it a little harder to read when you’re not dutch!

But no worries, I will translate the articles and place them on my site. I only need to find a little time to do so. But it’s a promise!

Writing and blogging
Writing and blogging

What about Denali?

So is there any update on Denali 2018? Sure! And all is good news. All preparations are done. I am mentally en physically ready to go. All whats left now is to stay healthy, do my usual trainings, but don’t get injured.

I will depart 10 May and my expedition will start 12 May. My return to the common world is scheduled for 1 June, and I plan to be back home on 3 June. But more details about the upcoming expedition will definitely appear here. Stay tuned!

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