Denali 2017: the movie part 2 and final prep update

Here’s my final preparation update on Denali 2018. I am writing this blog from Keflavik Airport, Iceland, meaning I am already on my way to Alaska. My last couple of weeks were good and relaxed. I feel ready for the expedition, both physically and mentally. I haven’t done any high-intensity training anymore, but just did exercises I enjoy and feel good with. Mostly some running and cycling.

And, of course, spend valuable time with my family!

So, right now, I just can’t wait to get started. Traveling isn’t my favorite part of the trip, but so far things are going well!

If you want to follow my progress, please keep an eye on the Alpine Ascents Cybercast page. Hopefully, we are able to frequently post updates here. As I have no means to communicate with the outside world, this will be the only source of information.

One last thing I haven’t posted yet is part 2 of the Denali 2017 expedition. Enjoy, and prepare for the great stories coming up for this year’s expedition!


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